About U-Digital Strategic Advisory

Our group, U- Digital Strategic Advisory is a creative unity provides  the creation and implementation bold solutions for brands, companies and individuals which become the prophecy of your brand image and development. 

The solutions and proposals presented by our professional experts  are the unique synergy of artificial  intelligence and human interaction.

UDSA' s profile:

Creation and implementation of ideas for offline and digital communication  from  b2b and b2c to full-scale integrated advertising campaigns.

Our Services:

- Digital Marketing- establishing and promotion of personal brands.

- Social Media Marketing (SMM): a holistic communication strategy and creative concept, creating a competent content plan and key visuals for any social media.

- Creative Strategies: creating a unified ideological and creative line to form a brand image, brand platform, positioning and promotion.

- Events, Exhibitions, Auctions, Conferences, Presentations.

- Photo & Video production

How do we work?

Combining new technology and inspiration in the precise balance we design effective individual campaigns for our partners. We follow current trends while creating new ones, based on a comprehensive analysis of ideas, audiences including rich senses.

What is UDSA for each employee of our team?

- Creative, active and leadership hub.

- The possibility of self-realization and professional growth in the team.

- Revealing various talents within the team communications aimed at mutual enrichment.

- We collaborate with professionals with different interests, experiences and outlook on life.

- Diverse team

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Your art should be nominated for service of the year. It fits our needs perfectly.

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You guys are the best. Keep up the great work. Thank you so much for a job well done. Thanks!

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Christian Winter

Art director

Eclectic Studio

Motion design

Mia Fruciante


Dona Winter

Project manager

Zane Soundy

Project manager

Kenny Shumilov


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